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What are Full Architectural Services?

At Studio Basheva, we offer a full range of architectural services, from a new built, a complete refurbishment, residential and commercial properties. With an extensive network of consultants, we pride ourselves on delivering unique and personalised spaces.

Most people have a limited understanding of what architects do and how they’re compensated. It’s understandable, very few have had the opportunity to work with architects in the past and often the process of a designing a unique home is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Approaching an architect and wondering about fees is a natural concern, you shouldn’t be afraid to ask as many questions as you need to feel comfortable with the process.

Prior to commencement, any architect would ask you for the list of items below. the list below is non-exhaustive and may vary from site to site:

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That’s the foundation for the phase that follows where we start designing.

Many architects use the term “full architectural services” assuming their clients know what they mean. Studio Basheva offers three levels of Services:


Basic is in case you require only a few design drawings or fraction of the house, like a kitchen or a bathroom.


Level of service follows the recommended RIBA Plan of Work 2013


Allows the Standard level of services and more specifically tailored to the clients needs, like interior design, decoration, visit to showrooms and exhibitions, and more.

What do architects mean when they say Standard Service? The RIBA has outlined the stages and what it is to work with an architect as the standard in the industry with the following stages:

Strategic Definition
Preparation and Brief
Concept Design & Planning Consent
Detailed Design
Contract Support
Completion & Handover
In Use

Architects have individual means of determining fees, for more information on that please see the standard industry published by the RIBA.

We estimate design fees based on the level of services and our involvement required and allocate a percentage of my fee to each of the phases above. The fees vary from project to project.

What are Full Architectural Services?

Before we can begin designing, we must know all of the restrictions and project parameters. This is where we define the problem we’re setting out to solve and gather information. It consists of five sub-categories:

Assisting the client to prepare the strategic brief.
Carrying out feasibility studies and options appraisals.
Advising on the need to appoint other professionals.
Advising on procurement routes.
Contributing to the preparation of a project brief.

Other soft costs:

Under the Premium services we will assist the owner in researching and selecting furniture, textiles, and other interior elements, which are beyond the scope of the General Construction work.

The Standard Service compiles of all items and packages which are fixed and fitted, this includes walls, doors, bathrooms fixtures and fittings, kitchen and built-in units, ventilation and associated mechanical and electrical services etc. Please note this will be both for client and architect’s choice.

Studio Basheva firmly believes in bespoke design, based on a dynamic dialogue with the client and the consultants from the onset to become a client lead team work. Every project has its particularities and we offer client tailored solutions. Through our unique international experience we insist on providing excellent professional service to resolve the client’s requests offering a complimentary or contrasting design solutions. Our philosophy revolves around simple, transparent and elegant designs. Other factors taken into account in our work are commercial viability, practicality, value, and creativity. This combination of style and functionality proves that our philosophy is unique to us. We take every project through a number of these corner stones, which offers a solid foundation and ensure client satisfaction.

For more questions to the above, please see also our FAQ page.

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