Deansway Road

Deansway Road

The family was looking for a spacious and luxurious home in the heart of the Hampstead Garden Suburb Trust, and they found the perfect five-bedroom property. However, they required upgrades and changes to the layout to better suit their needs as a family of six. Studio Basheva was commissioned to deliver the necessary changes and upgrades to the property.

The project involved a significant amount of collaboration with the Hampstead Garden Suburb Trust to obtain their consent for the proposed changes. The team at Studio Basheva worked diligently to present a detailed design proposal that would meet the client’s needs while also respecting the conservation and preservation aspects of the property.

The house was updated with luxury finishes, including new windows and glass doors, as well as the addition of conservation skylights to allow for natural light to flow throughout the home. The layout was revised to include a spacious kitchen, a study, a front reception room, a guest bedroom, a master ensuite, and four bedrooms for the children, each with its own unique design.

Thanks to the hard work and attention to detail of Studio Basheva, the five-bedroom property was transformed into a luxurious nine-bedroom house that met the needs of the family and received the approval of the Hampstead Garden Suburb Trust. The result is a beautiful and functional home that will provide comfort and joy to the family for years to come.

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