Tender & Contract

If the project is a tender project, we will assist in distributing the tender packages to the chosen tender companies, answer questions during the tender period and help in the analysis of the tender return and tender award. If the project is a negotiated contract, we will assist in negotiating and fine tuning the costs involved and facilitate the signature of the appropriate JCT contract agreement. Tender drawings and specification may be revised in life of the tender return on order to achieve best cost results for the project. This is called ‘value engineering’.

Construction documents Tender

At the end of the Tender Stage the successful cost proposal will be awarded the contract. We will take time to draft the contract drawings, specification and guide you in signing the right contract for your project. Under the RIBA we will be the Contract Administrator. You may choose not to have one, however, you may expose yourself to the risk of approving contractors’s costs with no previous construction knowledge.