The Architect as a Designer

When an architect is engaged in a project, we are often tasked with resolving spatial requirements which sometimes contain contradicting requests and/or expectations.

Requests such as: ensure privacy but engage with the family; be in nature but provide the comforts of a home; build contemporary but include classical elements are all too common.  It is for the experienced architect to find the right balance and to identify the means that will deliver long term benefits to the clients.  

Unique concepts such as designing stairs in a way to allow late night movement quietly and safely without waking the entire household requires understanding the family dynamics and thinking out of the box.  

We designed a robust staircase using different elements, which were pressure and weight tested to remove the all too familiar sounds of movement.

We allowed for the stairs to be covered in soft carpet to absorb each step while also providing for a solid grip and slip resistance.

The success of this work was identified when the clients shared stories of peaceful rest despite late night escapades by adult children.