Why Details are Important in the Design Stage

When you first begin the design process for a new home, condo or commercial space, it is easy to get excited about the big picture. After all, you are creating something from nothing and will be able to see the finished final result once it’s done. Details can feel like unimportant things that are not worth your time. However, not giving enough attention to details in the beginning stages of designing a new space can lead to major issues later on down the road. These details include things such as lighting, ceiling height, cabinets, countertops, windows and more. The details matter because these elements have a huge impact on how comfortable and liveable a home feels and how much natural light there is inside as well as who can see in from outside. They also impact resale value, which is why many real estate agents recommend home owners preemptively think through details before selling their property. Here are some of the important details you need to consider when designing your new home or commercial space…

Ceiling Height Matters

A lot of people don’t think about the ceiling height when they are designing a new home, but it is one of the most important details to consider. Ceiling height can impact the overall look, feel and functionality of a space, so you want to make sure you get it right. Generally, 9’8” is considered a standard ceiling height for a single-story home and a condo. But larger people and tall people often feel cramped in areas with standard ceilings. If you are designing a space for families or for frequent entertaining, having lower ceilings can actually help create a more open, spacious feel. Or if you want to create a cozy, intimate space, you can go with higher ceilings, which will make the room feel cosier.

What Kind of Light Does Your New Home Need?

The kind of natural light that enters a room through windows has a huge impact on the way a space feels. Will you have a lot of windows or a few that get good natural light? What about the times of day when there is sun? What about when it is cloudy or rainy outside? The lighting in your home can determine how much energy you have throughout the day and can even have an impact on your mood. If you have a lot of windows that receive natural light, you will have a much more energetic feel in your home. Bright light really makes a room feel larger, while darker rooms can make the space feel smaller. When it comes to the times of day when there is sun, you want to make sure you are designing your new space with the right amount of natural light for the right amount of time. For example, you want to make sure you are not getting too much natural light during the evening hours.

Will You Have a Shower or Tub?

If you are designing a new home, you will need to decide if you want to have a bathtub or shower. These are two very different features and will impact the design of the room in which they are placed. Bathtubs generally sit in the middle of the room and take up more space than showers. If you choose to have a bathtub, you will need to consider what other features you want in this room, such as a sink and lighting. Showers are generally placed against a wall, allowing you to have more space in the room for other features. If you have a shower, you will also need to make sure you have a good way to store your towels and other shower accessories.

Do You Want Open Or Enclosed Spaces?

If you are designing a new home, you will want to consider if you want your rooms to be open or more enclosed. What kind of feeling do you want to create in the space? Do you want to be able to see the entire room while standing in another part of the room? Or do you want to create a more private, separated space where you can’t see the other parts of the room while in one area? These decisions will impact the types of windows you use, the type of flooring you put in the room, whether or not you have a door, and more. If you want your rooms to be more private, you can add things like curtains, blinds, or even doors between areas. This will help you feel more comfortable and have more control over your privacy.

How Many Windows and What Size?

When you are designing the layout of your room, you need to decide how many windows to have and what size they should be. Large windows are great for letting in lots of natural light and making a room feel open and spacious, but they also allow people outside to see inside your home. Smaller windows can make a room feel more intimate, but they also reduce the amount of light that enters the room. You also want to consider the view that each window has. Is there a pretty landscape outside one of your windows? Or is there potential for noise or distraction? You can also add things like curtains or blinds to help reduce light and noise and help the windows blend into the room.

Countertops Matter!

The countertops you choose for your new home or commercial space can have a big impact on the style and feel of the room. You want to consider things like the material, colour and style of the countertops. For example, wood countertops can add warmth and coziness to a room. Granite countertops can add a sleek style to a room. Laminates can be more neutral and blend in with many different styles. Depending on the style of your room, you can also add different kinds of accessories, like a backsplash or a tap backsplash, to add even more detail to the room.

Cabinet Doors and Built-in Storage

Cabinets are great for storing kitchen items and other essentials. You can also add a built-in storage shelf or other special features to the cabinets to create a special, customised look. You can add decorative details, like a curved top or decorative metal pulls to make the cabinets stand out and be unique to your home. You can also add shelves inside the cabinets to give yourself plenty of storage space.

Bottom Line

Designing a new home can be a very exciting process, but it is important to remember to not get ahead of yourself. Take your time when designing a new space to ensure that you are paying attention to the details that will matter once the space is finished. These details include things like ceiling height, light, privacy, and more. If you want to learn more about designing a new home, you can visit websites like HGTV or Pinterest for ideas and inspiration. When you are ready to begin the design process, be sure to consider these crucial details to make sure you create a home or commercial space that feels comfortable and inviting for years to come.