Atlantic City Holocaust Memorial

Atlantic Holocaust Memorial Competition

Find out how our team realised the symbolic silhouette of the darkest period of the human history with the facets at the Atlantic Holocaust Memorial competition.

The Memorial

With its symbolic silhouette reminiscent of the Star of David, and the multitude of blades splitting the air to reveal the facets of the most sinister period of human history, the Memorial becomes a landmark on the skyline of the Boardwalk and leaves a deep imprint in the visitor’s consciousness. 

The Holocaust Facets

The Holocaust of the Jews was the darkest systematic genocide in the history of humanity. Propaganda, segregation, violence, deportation to the camps, and the ‘Final Solution’ were the facets constituting the extermination of 6 million Jews in Nazi-occupied Europe.

Design partner: Architect Krassimir Krastev from Node Habitat

The Visitor Experience

The Atlantic City Boardwalk Holocaust Memorial is an ensemble of three colonnades of Blades. The visitor is filtered through the first colonnade of screening Blades to enter five thematic spaces enclosed between the six Blades of the Holocaust. Each facet of the Holocaust is revealed by a distinctive pattern cut in the adjacent surfaces and a ‘memory container’ – an exhibit of symbolic objects, representing memory of lost human lives and accomplishments. The last step allows the visitor to enter into a secluded gathering and contemplation space at the rear of the memorial. From there one can see and absorb the eminent lessons of the Holocaust.

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