Nestled in the green belt around London this 19th century dilapidated former forge is now been converted into a two bed family house.

We have gone through a very elaborate process to get a planning approval. The building is within a listed cartilage in a conservation area. The clients brief was to convert this dilapidated former industrial budding into a two bedroom house. As part of the planning application, we had to obtain a dusk survey, a historical survey and a tree survey. We made sure to retain all original features of the building.

The design concept was to show the forging elements of the original building – the two fireplaces were rained and revamped to suit a residential use, the roof support structure was exposed showcasing beautiful trusses and last but not least the spiral staircase completes the forged look.


The Old Gorge has been now converted into a two-bedroom family house.

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