Herman Drive

Herman Drive

”I got back Friday and have to say the house looks even better than I could have imagined. It's really taking shape and that is only down to both the builder and yourself doing such an excellent job. Having been away for so long it's been reassuring that you've helped to ensure the minimum of stress and disruption for my wife and the kids. Thanks again very much. Best regards.”
Client, 2019

This 5-bedroom semi-detached residential property situated in the borough of Barnet was constructed during the 1930’s. It sits within a quiet neighbourhood, set back from the road with hedges and a gated entrance providing secure parking. We obtained a planning approval for the full refurbishment of the house, including a rear house extension with a new kitchen, new layout on the first floor and two children in the newly design loft conversion. A separate planning approval has been obtained for the a garden house offering the clients a gym and a home office. 

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