Private house in Normandy

A couple has purchased this beautiful house in the village of Equamauville in Normandy. The house has undergone a complete refurbishment including a new basement under the entire footprint of the house and a new extension to match the original house. The new layout included in the ground floor a library and a wine cellar. The ground floor housed the living kitchen area, a study. The first floor offer ample four bedrooms with ensuite facilities and the loft allowed for another entertainment room. 

A private English couple have decided to convert their Normandy house into prime home. The brief called for large extension in the spirit of the house, the subterranean development to include for the large family library, entertainment suite, and wine storage, the first floor to accommodate 3 bedrooms and the master bedroom unit, the attic to be converted to office space.

The prime task was of finding local tradesman and a delicate work of stitching the existing fabric of the building with the new additions.

A new basement has been excavated under the existing footprint of the house and the extension adding a home entertainment suite, a library, and a wine cellar. 

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